Vinyasa Flow -
A mindful vinyasa flow practice. It allows you to find connection and embark on an insightful journey within. Using breath and movement to emphasise meditation and find stillness in movement. A fully balanced class of forward bending, twists, back bends, and inversions.

Hatha flow -
A gentle class focusing on flowing from pose to pose. Movement that develops strength, flexibility, body relaxation and mental concentration.

Restorative Yin -
Feel nourished, centred, and harmonious. Using sitting or lying postures that aim to promote deep relaxation, enhance circulation, increase joint mobilization, clear energetic blockages, and heal the body.

Yoga Trapeze -
Yoga trapeze incorporates functional upper and full body strength, using pulling and grip strength motions improving flexibility and core, upper body and posterior chain. Yoga Trapeze is a supported inversion tool for spinal traction and passive backbends. It can help relieve back pain and sciatica. Lack of core leaves your spine unsupported and vulnerable. Yoga Trapeze includes pushing, pulling, holding, twists, backbends, forward bends, hip opening and so much more. It relieves stress and tension and is a really fun class.

Women’s Soul Circle -
Soul Circle is an invitation for Women to Gather, just like in ancient tribal times. We harness the beauty and magic of ritual and engage in Conscious Listening as we hold space for each member of the circle to share what is alive for them.

Sharing our inner most feelings as individuals is incredibly important for our wellbeing – yet it can be difficult to find people to openly share with. And sometimes when we do, it is met with opposing views, fear, and a general sense of intensity so we may be tempted to just keep it to ourselves as we fear judgement or burdening others.

This can leave us feeling isolated, unheard and like reaching out is something that is all too much work.

Soul Circle is a space to come together to share how we are feeling. There will be no answers or comebacks. No problem solving or conflicting information.
This space is purely for being witnessed in your truth and being honoured for your honesty.

During our time together we will practice simple heart-opening rituals, heart-sharing, as well as short, guided meditations that will help you hear the calls of your soul. From time to time we may add a little movement or singing to our circle. This space is a co-creation of each participant, and its content unfurls as we begin to get to know the group dynamics with each meet up.

Ecstatic Dance -
Hearts Alight Dance
This is a call out to those who love to move their bodies as a medium for expression, deeper understanding and letting go - to find balance, acceptance, create change, and so much more.
(This is also a call out for those who have never tried the above!!)

Hearts Alight Dance is an invitation to men and women of all ages who wish to co-create a space of shared energy with kindred souls. A space free of judgement and free of shame.
It is an open invitation to use your body in non-linear movement to experiment with what feels good. To be the captain of your own ship in any way that creates honest expression through movement.

– together we will honour all the phases and stages of our existence through movement.

Don’t think you can move your body freely?... We know you can!! YOU CAN DANCE WHEN YOU LET GO OF YOUR INNER CRITIC and find yourself in a space where everybody is participating with the shared intention of JUST FEELING GOOD.
There is no right or wrong way to do this – there is ONLY WHAT FEELS GOOD.

What to expect:
6.50pm – doors open
7.00pm – dance begins
8.30pm – dance concludes
8.30 – 9.30pm – Social Space

At 6.50pm the doors will open and you are welcome to join the dance space in silence. We will hold the silent space throughout the dance and honour people’s choice in either being completely autonomous throughout their dance journey or welcoming of a shared smile and exchange of energy. There is no instruction throughout our dance journey, but when you enter the dance space, you may like to find a position that helps you to ground and then you will be briefly guided through a body awareness scan which you can choose to engage in or not. Each dance is your very own and you can move and dance in any way that feels good.

After the dance…
You are welcome to dance and leave. You are welcome to dance, then stay to play for half an hour or so.


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