Adult Ballet - 

RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Build strength and dance in the joy of self-discovery as we go through the technique and foundations of classical Ballet holistically and with kindness. Exercise your mind and memory in an open class consisting of Barre, Centre practice, Pirouettes, Turning movements, Adage. Allegro, grand Allegro and Port de bras. It doesn’t matter what age we are when we dance, we free something within us and liberate our spirit. All ages are welcome. Classes are taught by a highly experienced RAD Teacher.

Teen Ballet -

Are you a teen that is struggling with confidence and interested in trying a new hobby then our beginner's teen ballet class will not only teach you the timeless art of dance but also empower you to try something you always wanted to do. We believe that learning in a beginner environment with other beginners is way less daunting . Our classes are designed to inspire and uplift, as you learn the fundamentals of ballet with support and encouragement. Mastering basic technique from barre to centre work, Adage, pirouette’s and Allegro you’ll find yourself growing not only as a dancer but also in your own personal confidence.

Pointe Work -

In a Pointe technique class, dancers train to dance on the tips of their toes using specially designed pointe shoes. This advanced form of ballet requires dancers to possess strong technique, balance, and ankle stability. The class typically begins with a thorough warm-up to prepare the body for the demands of dancing on pointe. Dancers then progress to exercises at the barre to work on strength, alignment, and flexibility. As the class advances, dancers practice movements such as relevé, balances, turns, and intricate footwork to enhance their grace and artistry. Throughout the class, emphasis is placed on proper technique, alignment, and injury prevention, ensuring that dancers develop the skills necessary to perform on pointe.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) -
PBT is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening programme that has been designed to enhance students’ technique by focusing on muscle memory required in each exercise from all forms of dance. It is a unique training system using ballet-technique-specific exercises to train from junior to advanced levels. It helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation, enhances flexibility, and helps initiate correct alignment.

Heels -

Join our sassy heels dance class where we strut, spin, and slay the dance floor together. Unleash your inner diva as we groove to the hottest beats, perfecting every step with style and confidence. Whether you're a dancing queen or a newbie to the dance scene, our class is all about embracing your fierce, fabulous self. Get ready to dance, empower, and sparkle in every session. See you on the dance floor!

Jazz Technique -

Join us for a thrilling ride through the world of Jazz Technique! Our class is infused with the spirit of precision and style, where every movement tells a story. Feel the energy, embrace the rhythm, and let your body speak the language of Jazz.  You'll learn to strut, sashay, and pivot like never before. Come dance with us and unleash your inner Fabulousness!

Tap -

The art of tap dancing is timeless and with each tap of your shoes, you'll feel the music in your soul and the rhythm in your heart, channeling the spirit of classic Hollywood musicals and sophisticated dance numbers. Learning the basic steps to mastering intricate combinations, our classes are tailored to help you discover the magic of tap dancing while honing your skills with finesse and flair. So slip on your dancing shoes, embrace the spotlight. Beginner’s welcome.

Stretch & Flex -
A relaxing class using multiple stretching techniques including static, passive partner stretching, dynamic, ballistic stretching for higher level students, active isolated stretching, isometric and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. A signature old school ballet stretching class.

Commercial Dance -
A feel good, look good, a presentation driven type of dance ranging from sassy jazz, hip-hop to ballet, most often to pop music. Class will start with a casual warmup including stretching, isolation and basic steps, finishing the class with a sassy choreography.

Contemporary -
An expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Choreography will entail ballet techniques, contraction-release and fluid expression of music, evoking the emotions of our dancers.


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