Pole Class


Whether you're a complete beginner at Pole having never done it before, or an intermediate or advanced level we have classes for everyone to help intense core strength, physical flexibility, body awareness and strength.

Aerials - Pole Artistry

Pole Artistry

Elite level pole and Performance Troupe Pole Artistry is the highest level of tricks and combo’s. Performance and competition work learning to truly dance with intention and abandon using the art of movement.


Aerial Hoop

The Aerial hoop is an elegant ring made of steel and suspended from an overhead point. You will execute spins, drops, tricks, positions, and longer combo’s than are practiced than in our pole classes. Classes include, warm up and cool down, strength, syllabus content and choreography working through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Spin Pole

Spin Pole

Learning directional forces leading into spin and playing with shapes, exploring transitions, tricks and timing whilst building body awareness, strength and grace. All combo’s can be modified to the skill levels of our students. Intermediate levels and Advanced levels available.

Aerials - Pole Conditioning

Pole Conditioning

A casual class where your teacher will get your body working up a sweat with drills and strength work using all different types of studio equipment. Attending a weekly strength class will help with your progress and give you accountability using our strength checklist which you can refer to during your practice times. Building strength safely will help you master more challenging pole moves.

Aerials - Pole Choreography

Pole Choreography 1

This is a casual class for beginner and Intermediate levels and the perfect extra class to compliment you weekly course class. There is no climbing or inverting for level 1. You learn a weekly routine and get your cardio workout which really helps build your pole stamina.

Pole Choreography 2

This is a casual class for advanced levels and the perfect for getting your creative juices flowing. A weekly routine that will involve inverts and climbs. Stylized differently each week including floor work

Phoenix Rising Membership

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Unlimited Classes to Help You Stay Active & Have Fun

Gain access to every class and have unlimited fun, our Phoenix Rising Membership is a cost effective way to do multiple classes per week.

Meet Your Teachers



Hello! My name is Courtney and I am a pole and aerial instructor here at Artistic Pointe.

I started pole sport 10 years ago with a friend for fun, I loved it and found my passion for movement. I continued to explore other forms of dance and circus arts including ballet, contortion, aerial hoop, silks and tumbling.



Jamie has been in the pole and aerial industry for over 13 years and performing her whole life. Her career has taken her across Australia coaching and performing.

Jamie has performed at various Melbourne institutions The Forum Theatre, Marvel Stadium and The Palais Theatre.

Her skill set includes aerial hoop, silks, pole, fire breathing and twirling, acrobatics, contortion and exotic dance.



As a talented Professional dancer, Lesley toured across Asia and also worked as a model appearing on cat walks, magazine and television.

After 7 years in the Macedon Ranges Artistic Pointe studio has relocated to sunny Mornington to bring their unique style of Dance fitness classes and community to the Peninsula.

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